You are a wizard. You have a favourite colour. You don't like wizards who like other colours. Especially those wizards in the other tower. Send in your elemental minions to out manoeuvre your foe's and bring their tower to the ground!


Wizard Fight is a turn based strategy game where you control many minions. Select your minions with left-click and issue orders with right-click. You can orbit the camera with middle-mouse. Each turn, each of you minions may take one action:
  • Move (tiles highlighted green)
  • Attack (tiles highlighted red)
  • Shapeshift (your tile)

Outplay your opponent by shapeshifting your unit to gain change it's weakness. Elements change into one other type:

Fire <--> Water Earth <--> Air

Beware! When attacking enemies, certain elements are only effective against others:

Fire --> Air --> Water --> Earth --> Fire

Don't attack minions that your minion is weak against (eg Earth attacks Water); it will die. Attacking an enemy of the same type will stun it for the next turn. Attacking an enemy of the opposite form (eg Water and Fire) will cause both to be annihilated.

Every few turns you will gain the opportunity to spawn a new unit at your spawn point, the tile in front of your tower.

To win, reduce the enemy's hitpoints to zero. You lose a hitpoint for every turn you end with an enemy in your spawn.

Release date Apr 19, 2016
Made withUnity
Tagsdevsocyork, element, Ludum Dare 35, Magic, Wizards
Average sessionA few seconds
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2
LinksLudum Dare